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» From idea to realization - or "be a part"

We received a lot of suggestions from you for the festival - and we like to implement many of them. There is one which is worthy to be published separately, and the implemention is asking for your help.

The recommendation was as follows: One band of the festival - preferably the one before the GoodBye-Session - should be sponsored by the "Freundeskreis" (circle of friends) of the festival. This "circle of friends" consists of those of you, who are in a position to afford financial support.

Since we were surprised not only by the proposal itself but by the positive reactions at the annual meeting and thereafter, we certainly want to make it happen.

Our proposition for a band was the GrandSheiks (DE), maybe together with N.M. Brock, and it met approval at the annual general meeting. If realized it will be the first "circle of friends" gig which will go down in the history of Zappanale.

You want to join the "circle of friends" and help to get a musically fulfilled Sunday at Zappanale #24: Then be a part!

78_Zappanale_22Ostsee Sparkasse Bad Doberan
inside of Germany:
account holder:
Arf-Society e.V.
account number:
50 500 5352
bank code number:

130 500 00

Please fill in "Freundeskreis" as reason for payment. Of course we will give contribution receipts and will name you personally (if you like) in the list of donators. Please send these information to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or note it in the reason for payment in your bank transfer.


What will happen with the money from the donators?
The money will be used to book a band including costs for the journey, accomodation, catering and fee.

What will happen when you gather too much money?
The money will be used exclusively to fund a band. Overplus may be utilized either for Zappanale #25 or - in accordance with the donators - for a zappa related event of the society beyond Zappanale. 

What will happen when you don't get enough money?
We will find a solution.


Thanks for your hitherto commitments!

music is the best



» Annual General Assembly November 17, 2012

Dear Arf's,
here's a short statement with a few pictures from the party after a delightful annual general assembly.

Topics which have been discussed and decided and plans about the future will be posted soon here in the news and in the statement of accounts.
But we like to reveal now that the focus of next Zappanale will be again the music of Frank Zappa in a more relaxing atmosphere and we will accept a lot of your suggestions. Of course we can't realize all the recommendations but we are looking for a broad agreement. Some of your ideas provoked a burst of laughter which loosened up the meeting - thanks for that :)

This year the members from Luxemburg and Stuttgart travelled the longest distance to join the general assembly - thank you for coming!

nick micha stoni

At the following party Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve) fired up the audience. Afterwards Micha "Hundehagen" and "Tante Stoni Tofu" kept up the temperatures until the early morning. A big thanks to the musicians (and Daggi), they gave a great ending to the meeting. (Fotos: Steve)




» Begegnung

Hallo Freunde,

am Wochenende hatte ich wieder einmal so eine Begegnung,
wo ich die Betonung auf SO legen möchte.
Wir trafen uns mit Freunden im Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg
und durften (zu meiner Überraschung) als netten und
sehr unterhaltsamen Tischnachbarn J.J. Kravetz kennen lernen.
Der Abend war soweit super, aber beim nach Hause gehen
kam dann die erwähnte Begegnung. - siehe (klick) Foto -




Also wer Zeit und Lust hat.....schaut da mal rein. :-)

Ciao Tom




» Happy Birthday Don Preston

Don Preston feierte am 21.09. seinen 80. Geburtstag - Happy Birthday Don!



Jahreshauptversammlung 2012


Hallo liebe Arfs,

wie in jedem Jahr ist nach der Zappanale vor der Zappanale und dazwischen gibt es die Jahreshauptversammlung. Diese findet am 17.11. 2012 wie gewohnt in den Räumlichkeiten Am Markt 3 in Bad Doberan statt.

Einladung und weitere Infos folgen.

Günstig übernachtet man im Haus der Horizonte - inkl. gemeinsamen Frühstück, saisonbedingt auch bei allen anderen regionalen Anbietern.

Für Info und booking hier klicken: Haus der Horizonte, und beim buchen das Zauberwort "JHV Arf-Society" angeben.


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» Zappanale #27

15.07.2016 - 17.07.2016
The Torture stops in 319 days
14.07.2016 - Kamp, Bad Doberan (Welcome-Party)
15.-17.07.2016 - Festival Ground


Vielen Dank an Mick für das geile Foto...


und Olaf Meindl für diese Luftaufnahme.