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» Neverending story ?

"Sehr geehrter Herr Dippel,
sehr geehrter Herr Kutz,

mit Beschluss vom 17.05.2010 hat das Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf den Verkündungstermin vom 18.05.2010 verlegt auf den 15.06.2010."


» Erneut Verschiebung im Prozess Zappa ./. Arf-Society e.V.

Wie erst heute kurz vor Beginn des Verkündungstermin erfahren, hat das Gericht den Termin zur Urteilsverkündung aus dienstlichen Gründen auf den 18.05.2010 verlegt.

Puhhhhh! Langsam liegen die Nerven blank.

» Verhandlung 08.03.2010

Verkündungstermin - Zappa Family Trust ./. Arf-Society e.V. am 27.04.2010

Viel gibt es aus der heutigen Verhandlung leider noch nicht zu berichten. Nachdem die Kammer den gesamten Sachverhalt vorgetragen hatte, bekamen beide Parteien nochmals die Möglichkeit mündliche Anträge zur Sache zu stellen.

Wie bereits in erster Instanz überraschte die Gegenseite auch heute mit einem erneuten Vergleichsvorschlag. Sollten wir uns vor ca. einem Jahr noch in „Zappanale – Music and More“ umbenennen, so soll es nun „Zappa-Festival“ sein.

Trotz Sitzungsunterbrechung und eingehender Beratung konnte keine abschließende Einigung erzielt werden. Wir haben der Gegenseite jedoch angeboten einen akzeptablen Vergleichsvorschlag in angemessener Zeit schriftlich zu unterbreiten. Sollte dies nicht geschehen, oder keine Einigung erzielt werden können, wird die Kammer das Urteil am 27.04.2010 verkünden.

Arf Arf


» Zappa Family Trust ./. Arf-Society e.V.

The appellate court  Düsseldorf just appointed the new trial date:

Monday, March 08, 2010, at 12.00 noon, court room A 208



» Let´s freak out! Community is online!

Dear fans, dear Arf's, dear guests,

what so many of you were missing - it's now back again. After checking it thoroughly now the community is online. It's the third pillar of the internet presentation of the Arf-Society. Made especially so that neither the Zappanale site nor the member site are looking overdone. So it's starting all again. The community is open to all friends of the festival - it's not necessary to be a member of the Arf-Society to register. A registration enables you to write in several fora, in the event calendar and to join the chat room. One categorie in the forum is dedicated to videos.

You may personalize your profile with an avatar, create connections to other users und write private messages to them. Have a look at zappaesque events or publish them yourself. Join the chat room and take a look who's there! And for small talk there's the shout box.

You may place your wishes and suggestions - even for Zappanale #22 - in the forum, or look who's offering a ride to Bad Doberan. The 'search / offer' categorie is ment to be an opportunity to get rid of zappaesque stuff or to find exactly what you're looking for since generations.

Cold-shoulder the yellow snow and come along. We always welcome proposals to improve the community so that it will develop into a strong one.

Arf Arf
your webcrew


» Appellate proceeding Gail Zappa ./. Arf-Society e.V. - cancelled

Way to the court was in vain
Appellate proceeding develops into war of nerves

„During my whole career I never experienced such a thing“, is the comment from our lawyer regarding what happened today.

About 1 hour before the beginning of the appellate proceeding Gail Zappa ./. Arf-Society e.V. the hearing has been annulled.


The layer of the opposite side, Mr. Thomas Schmitz, called in sick on short notice.

Already in the first action the hearings had to be postponed because of claim from the opposite side - is this going to happen again?

Some day the decision will come. Why not now?

Of course I'm not going to evaluate this. The WDR was at attention and will be again next time.




» Welcome ... the new website of Arf Society !

All times this web presence of the worldwide biggest Frank Zappa fan community expresses our deep respect for Mr. Frank Zappa. We feel connected with his life's work and we honor his outstanding position as most important musician of the modern 20st century. Our ambition is to keep alive his musical work. That's what the Arf Society is standing for.


With glance at the new Zappanale website our webmaster looked a bit jealous. That's what he wanted, too! And the now concerted " web crew" played along. Our aim was to help you with a well-known layout to find your way through our pages.

This site should be seen as open gateway to information for all people who are interested in our society. But now there is an additional area for the members of the Arf Society. Here they can find news of the society, protocols from the annual meetings and much more. To get there you need to register as member, then log in with your account and password.

And certainly the community is still on our mind. Coming soon. Just see this as a nice beginning, isn't it?

You want to stay up-to-date automatically? Great! Just subscribe to our Newsletter. It will come in time and postage free to your email box.

Now we hope you enjoy our website and if so why not tell us in our guestbook? That would be a nice reward for us :-)


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» Zappanale #28

14.07.2017 - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 109 days

13.07.2017 - Kamp, Bad Doberan

14.-16.07.2017 - Festival Ground
(+ Exhibition)

» Arf-Society membership applicaton

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